The resignation of Ian Holloway

Ian Holloway. Always has been, and will be, a legend in the eyes of most football fans across the country, both for his successes and his attitude towards absolutely everything,

As a manager, he has had successes with Queens Park Rangers, guiding them to the Championship back in 2004, Blackpool, having been promoted with them to the Premier League, and Crystal Palace, winning promotion to the Premier League.

He has not enjoyed any success with Palace in the Premier League and has resigned as manager.

His opinion on the matter:


Ian Holloway

“We need to be able to shut up shop in this Division, we need to defend a little bit better.

“I believe the club is in a fantastic position. I’m very proud of my work with Steve (Parish), I’m very tired as well, to be honest with you.

“Am I the one with the energy left? Am I the one who can believe we can stand and beat Arsenal or get a draw there, I think that’s really important that you keep your dignity and with the changes in the squad, I have to hold my hand up that we didn’t keep that spirit that got us up.

“We’ve had a good grown-up discussion about what we feel, and we both still care immensely about Palace.”

I’d imagine this news has hit Palace fans hard in the past couple of days, or maybe some are happy to see him go. They currently lie 19th in the League with 3 points taken from 24 in the first 8 games.

Palace are rumoured to have Tony Pulis lined up for the job. I’d like to know people’s opinions on this after he was constantly criticised for his tactics at Stoke, is he the right choice for Palace?

Personally, I think he would be the better option for Palace, especially after how he made Stoke an established Premier League teams. I mean, Stoke are even doing well under Mark Hughes!